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Thank you to everyone for their kind words and taking time out of their busy schedules to write such glowing endorsements. While we consider it just part of the services we provide, nothing makes us happier than to receive testimonials like in the posts below.


I want to extend a special note thanking you for your team.  Ashley, Jafet and Debbie attended all four employee events with us.  They have dealt with the wind, cooler temps and late night grilling.  Each spent time talking with the employees, the management team and the supervisors.  This I know is worth its weight in gold.  You have a very caring professional team and that deserves special notice.  The event was a huge success and everyone walked away with a little something to show that they truly matter with Accurate™ and here at (our company).

In addition, Debbie and Ashley attended our supervisors meeting this past Wednesday evening.  This was a great way to re-introduce Accurate™ and the team that would be helping each of our supervisors along the way. They were able to answers some key questions and help provide guidance on common scenarios.  This I am sure will help all of use move into the right direction and alleviate some common problems.

We are all very excited to have your team onboard at (our company) and look forward to an outstanding growing relationship.


Jeni B

Human Resources Manager


Working with Maritza and her team at Accurate™ is a seamless process.  Her follow up and focus on us, the customer, is always her #1 priority.  I can’t say enough positive words about Maritza and Accurate Personnel™.

Mike M

Production Manager

Special Events Production Company


Thank you for your help with filling positions here at (our company). Your dedication to support our organization is contributing greatly to our success in acquiring good talent.  Through this partnership, (our company) is achieving the goals for 2012 fiscal year.  We appreciate your organization and look forward to future endeavors with your organization.

Thanks a Million!!!

Shelley T.

HR Leader


Just wanted to thank you again for always providing top notch service – I really appreciate everything that you and all the others at your organization do!




Paper Manufacturing Company


To Whom It May Concern:

Reference:  Accurate Personnel™

(We have) been using Accurate Personnel™ exclusively for our staffing needs since January 2003.  One of the main reasons is that they are able to provide temporary staffing on very short notice.

Sharlene and her staff have come to know the needs we have very quickly.  They do background checks and drug screens on the employees they send us for long-term projects as well as for temp to hire employees.  Because of the large number of temporaries we use, Accurate™ provides a time clock for their employees to use on our premises, which eliminates the need to manually fill out time sheets for each employee.  Sharlene and her staff always follow up to make sure their employees show up for work and if we are not satisfied with one of their employees, she takes the time to find out why so that it doesn’t happen again.  When I call Accurate Personnel™ for a temp, I am confident that (they) will send the best qualified candidate (they) can.

I would highly recommend Accurate Personnel™ to any company looking for temporary help.  They are very professional and take pride in the candidates they provide to a company, and will work with you to fill your temporary needs.


Elizabeth R.

Human Resources Administrator


I want to give a special thank you to Maria Macias. I was not really expecting her to get someone for us today because of the late request but her quick response and dedication to her customers will make it possible for us to serve our customers. It is employees like her that are dedicated that set Accurate™ apart from other staffing agencies!

Jorge C.

Shift Supervisor


To whom this may concern:

(We have) been working with Accurate Personnel™ for our staffing needs for the past year.  Accurate Personnel™ continues to successfully fulfill the requirements set forth by us, and always meets our needs in a timely manner by submitting qualified individuals that we find to be quality employees.   One of the main reasons we utilize the services of Accurate Personnel is because they take the time to understand our unique needs, which gives us the opportunity to make sure the candidates are the best fit for our company and our company fits the candidates’ needs as well.

Accurate Personnel’s™ staff is always professional, courteous, and takes pride in the candidates they forward to us for consideration. Additionally, we find Accurate Personnel to continuously provide a high level of service. We have been very fortunate in that the employees we have hired through Accurate Personnel have become valuable team members for our organization.  (We) truly appreciate their partnership, responsiveness and continued dedication to our account.

We intend and look forward to continuing our relationship with Accurate Personnel™as they have become an important and integral part of our team.



Production Manager


Hi Michelle ~

I meant to pass this on to you on Monday… sorry for the delay…

Thank you so much for helping us out over the weekend… as you know, things get very hectic around here during the season, and some things can be unpredictable.  So, Jaime wanted us to specifically reach out to you and pass on his sincere compliments for your help on Saturday… not everyone goes the extra mile like you do.  Things would be much harder for us without your help.

Thank you for your unbelievable availability, positive disposition, and quick-thinking problem-solving abilities.  We look forward to continuing to do business with you, as always.



Human Resources Manager



Please take some time to THANK Michelle from Accurate™ for helping us out TREMENDOUSLY today.

She came in before 7:00 AM and checked in all of her employees. Plus, we were short 14 temps and she called another one of her facilities and they sent in another 10 employees.

Accurate’s™ continuous effort to support our Operations is greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!!


Assistant Manager

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