Customer Testimonial

A special thank you to the staff of our Park Ridge office for once again going above and beyond to help our customers when they need it the most!  Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed!


I want to extend a special note thanking you for your team.  Ashley, Jafet and Debbie attended all four employee events with us.  They have dealt with the wind, cooler temps and late night grilling.  Each spent time talking with the employees, the management team and the supervisors.  This I know is worth its weight in gold.  You have a very caring professional team and that deserves special notice.  The event was a huge success and everyone walked away with a little something to show that they truly matter with Accurate™ and here at (our company).

In addition, Debbie and Ashley attended our supervisors meeting this past Wednesday evening.  This was a great way to re-introduce Accurate™ and the team that would be helping each of our supervisors along the way. They were able to answers some key questions and help provide guidance on common scenarios.  This I am sure will help all of use move into the right direction and alleviate some common problems.

We are all very excited to have your team onboard at (our company) and look forward to an outstanding growing relationship.


Jeni B

Human Resources Manager

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