Customer Testimonial

A special thanks to Michelle Kenny and Fatima Ugalde – Accurate Personnel Branch Managers from Bolingbrook and Bensenville – for once again representing Accurate in a positive light.


Hi Michelle ~

I meant to pass this on to you on Monday… sorry for the delay…

Thank you so much for helping us out over the weekend… as you know, things get very hectic around here during the season, and some things can be unpredictable.  So, Jaime wanted us to specifically reach out to you and pass on his sincere compliments for your help on Saturday… not everyone goes the extra mile like you do.  Things would be much harder for us without your help.

Thank you for your unbelievable availability, positive disposition, and quick-thinking problem-solving abilities.  We look forward to continuing to do business with you, as always.



Human Resources Manager



Please take some time to THANK Michelle from Accurate for helping us out TREMENDOUSLY today.

She came in before 7:00 AM and checked in all of her employees. Plus, we were short 14 temps and she called another one of her facilities and they sent in another 10 employees.

Accurate’s continuous effort to support our Operations is greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!!


Assistant Manager

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