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Hello everyone –

I thought I’d spend a little time today going over some of the features our new website offers to you, the applicant.  As you can see from spending a little time browsing the site, it is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate.   This will make learning the features and thus reaping the benefits of the new site as easy as a few clicks of the mouse.

The easiest way to see all the features offered to applicants is by simply clicking on the “For Applicants” link towards the top of the homepage.  This link takes you to a page which encompasses all the applicant features in one place.  Here you see all the choices listed on the left hand side of the page.  You can choose to upload a resume, apply online, search through our online job postings, and view our employee resource area.  Here’s a few quick notes and helpful pointers on each section to help you breeze through the process.

Upload Resume: This section is the most straightforward of the four.  Simply enter your first and last name, email address*, select which office location you wish to have your resume sent to**, and then attach your resume in either a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF file.  After you have entered in all that information, just click “Submit Resume” and you’re on your way!

*An email address is not a required field, so you may upload your resume without one.  However, the more means of communication we have with you will only enhance our ability to share information with you.

**You are only able to submit your resume to one office at a time, in order to have it sent to more then one office, please just repeat these steps with each office location you wish to have your resume sent to.

Apply Online: This section allows you to build your own resume if you either do not have one or do not have an up to date one.  Keep in mind that any field with a red, dotted box around it is a required field.  While not all fields are required, we ask that you fill in as much information as possible throughout the process.  The more information we have about you the better we will be able to understand your background and skill set, which will allow us to match you with the best possible job opportunities.

Step 1: Personal Information

Step 2: Employment History – Please fill out as much information as possible regarding your past employment.  If you do not have any employment history, please make sure to check the box at the top.  To add more employers to your list, please click on the + icon at the bottom left corner of the page, right above the “Previous Section” button.

Step 3: Educational Background – Please provide us with the name of the high school you attended, this is a required field.  If you have no education post high school, please simply check that box and proceed onto the next step.  Any additional education received after high school goes in the corresponding fields below.  Just as with the Employment History, to add more then one school please click on the + icon in the lower left portion of the page.

Step 4: References – These will be used for references on any upcoming job opportunities we have which require reference checks.  Again the + icon allows you to add more then one reference.  Please be sure to check “yes” if we have your permission to contact your references before going onto the next step.

Step 5: Skills – Check all of the listed skills which you possess or apply to you.  If you have any other General or Machine Operating skills which are not listed, please list them in the corresponding boxes below.

Step 6: Placement Service History

Step 7: Finalize Your Application – This section allows you to let us know your availability, shift preference, salary requirements, etc.  This section also allows you to select our closest office location which your online application will be sent.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contract one of our offices and our staff will gladly assist you.

Job Search: This section allows you to view any of our online job postings.  You are able to customize the search fields to make the results as broad or as specific as you would like.  Among other options, you are able to search using keyword(s), job type, job category, office location, etc.  Once you have narrowed your desired parameters you will see the results of your search.  Here you will have the opportunity to choose how the jobs are listed.  You can select from Job Title, Job Location and Date Posted.  You can then click on the title of the job for additional information.  Once you are on this page you will have the options of uploading your resume for this specific job, or to recommend the job posting to someone else.

Please keep in mind that we update our job postings on a weekly basis.  This means some of the jobs may no longer be available, but it also means we may have opportunities which are not yet posted.  Please feel free to contact any of our offices should you have any questions regarding this process.

Resource Area: This section has many helpful tips and resources for current employees, applicants, and anyone searching for employment.  In this section you will find:

Interview Tips – Here you will get tips and pointers on how to prepare for, and conduct yourself during an interview.  There is one thing I would like to add.  Depending on the position you are interviewing for, sending a post interview thank you letter or email is definitely something worth doing!

On the Job Tips – So you just aced your interview thanks to the pointers given out in the above section.  On the Job Tips will give you advice on how to not only act in your new working environment, but on how to flourish and stand out in the eyes of your employer.  These are excellent ideas on how to not only act while on an assignment for Accurate Personnel™, but for any job you find yourself on in the future.

Resume Help – This section will give you advice and guidelines on how to put together a resume that stands out from the rest.  Included are sample resumes which provide you a good template to follow when putting together a General, Professional, or Traditional resume.

I hope this helps you navigate the applicant portion of the site a little easier and answer any additional questions you may have had.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.

Best of luck!

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